Our Pups



Faith in The Point’s Nelli Toujours-Pret, is where it all started for Faith in The Point Bird Dogs.  While her breeding days are done, she has many more years of chasing birds ahead of her!

AKC: SS08669501

OFA:  GSP-19958G25F-VPI

Height: 24 1/4″
Weight: 51 lbs.
Whelped: 10/21/18



“Cache FIT Point’s Hope in The Lord,” is the product of Blaine Hanson’s Cache Kennels in Ogden UT.  She comes from a strong of a NAVHDA pedigree as you could ask for, and it shows in her style and performance in the field.  We will be testing for her Senior Hunter title and prepping for her NAVHDA UT, this summer.   

AKC: SS06764307
NAVHDA: GS-023987

  Height: 24 3/4″
Weight: 61 lbs.

TITLES: AKC Junior Hunter, NAVHDA NA Prize II




“FIT Point’s A Lilly Among Brambles,” is a littermate to “Rocky” out of our 2021 “Floyd” x “Firecracker” breeding.  She may be the smallest shorthair we have in the family, but she more than makes up for it with her energy and drive. Beth’s first time handling a pup in an AKC Hunt Test was this past summer with “Lilly” and they managed to go 3/4, leaving one brace to go to earn her Junior Hunter title.  She will be running with “Ringo,” in March 23 in a NAVHDA Natural Ability test.     

AKC: SS30670905
NAVHDA: GS-025302

  Height: 22 1/2″
Weight: 44 lbs
Whelped: 12/07/21


As the sole male in the group, Wiley’s RBK Pretty Boy Floyd is quite the ladies man.  He comes from a distinguished pedigree containing multiple Champions and Master Hunters.  Floyd earned his Junior Hunter on 16 May 2021!


 OFA: GSP-CD1548/29M-PI

OFA:  GSP-VW302/29M-PI 



CHIC: 174725

  Height: 23 3/4″
Weight: 58 lbs
Whelped: 11/17/18

TITLES:  AKC Senior Hunter



“FIT Point’s Lord is my Rock,” is the product of our first breeding of “Floyd” and “Firecracker.”  He has proven to be one of our steadiest dogs in the field and biggest babies in the house.  He is currently preparing to test for his Senior and Master titles as well as a NAVHDA UT in the summer and fall of 2023.

AKC: SS30670904
NAVHDA: GS-025315

  Height: 24 1/2″
Weight: 54 lbs.

Whelped: 12/07/21

TITLES: AKC Junior Hunter, NAVHDA NA Prize 1 / 110



“FIT Point’s Oreo Von Chesam,” is the Lamborghini of the family.  Shes sleek, stylish, and high performance!  She joined the family this past August at just under a year old, and we could not be happier with what she’s shown so far.  She’s proven to be one of our “go-to,” dogs for guiding this season, and we’re looking forward to testing her with AKC and NAVHDA this summer!   

AKC: SS29755008
NAVHDA: Awaiting Number

  Height: 25″
Weight: 65 lbs.
Whelped: 10/02/21



Wiley’s RBK Bright Firecracker, is the one of the newest young ladies to the group and has already shown her ability in UFTA events with a top 20 performance in her first event and a top 10 finish in her second.  Firecracker Earned her Junior Hunter on 16 May 2021!

AKC: SS06764307
UKC: R295-865

OFA: GSP-CD1549/34F-PI 




CHIC: 174726

    Height: 23″
Weight: 60 lbs.
Whelped: 06/26/18

TITLES:  AKC Junior Hunter



“Faith In The Point’s Song of Moses,” has a laid back style in the home and in the field that is not typical for a GSP.  He is a joy to hunt with due to his slow methodical pattern and frequent check ins.  He has a natural honor that is rare to find in a young pup.     

AKC: SS29228206

  Height: 25 1/4″
Weight: 63 lbs.

Whelped: 07/20/21




“Winnie,” is not only our newest addition, but also our first and only Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel! We fell in love with her at the Hunt The Highlands event this past December and could not leave her behind! She may be the smallest pup in the entire family, but she can roughouse with the biggest of them!  We’re working to train her as a “flusher” to run with our shorthairs in seasons to come!   

AKC: Awaiting Number
NAVHDA: Awaiting Number

  Height: 12″
Weight: 27 lbs.




Ruffon’s Razorhaven’s Ruby, is by far the most accomplished girl of the group, with several titles to include: 2 x UFTA Amateur Champion, UFTA Open Champion, UFTA Doubles Field Champion, JD Kennedy winner, and the 5th Kentucky Open winner.  

AKC: SR58319702
UKC: R244-083

Height: 22 3/4″
Weight: 42 lbs.
Whelped: 08/20/09

Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge OCT 2021



“FIT Point’s Put a Ring on His Hand,” is one of the sweetest and most stylish pups a person could ask for.  Having earned his Junior Hunter title at just Six months old, his potential is unlimited!  He has a busy few months ahead of him with a NAVHDA NA test in March 23 followed by AKC testing for his Senior Hunter title this summer.  


AKC: SS32641008
NAVHDA: GS-025618

  Height: 24 1/2″
Weight: 60 lbs.

Whelped: 03/01/22

TITLES: AKC Junior Hunter